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For over 17 years, Thinkun has helped to grow Australian businesses.


We’ve said “yes” to myriad digital marketing projects that came our way, from building websites and PPC campaigns right through to delivering emails.

Along the way, we realised that the biggest impact was delivered when we worked with clients consistently over time, rather than in project-based bursts. A more consistent and strategic approach delivered real digital transformation to their business and marketing practices, and faster results.

This led to the introduction of Impact Points®.






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Impact Points®


Achieve your marketing objectives with Impact Points®


Whether they’re ours or yours, there’s no point to hours spent unless they make a measurable positive impact on your business. That’s why we invented Impact Points. You receive a number of points each month, and we utilise them to help achieve your marketing objectives. Points are planned for a year, and our clients commit to a minimum of three months of working with Thinkun.

Digital marketing impact points

Every business is different, and so is the strategic application of Impact Points® for digital marketing


Point distribution is tracked monthly and adjusted quarterly. Strategy comes first, then execution, followed by ongoing tracking, live dashboard reviewing, to-the-point reporting and constant learning and improvement.




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Digital marketing services

Impact Points are versatile. They always start with strategy and then help execute on it. We devise the perfect mix of our services in deep collaboration with each new client. A plan is chosen that their budget allows and vision demands.




Digital Infrastructure

Online Advertising

Analytics & Reporting

SEO, Email & Content Marketing

Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

Social Media Marketing

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know.



Value and transparency

Our clients range from startups all the way through to large enterprises. Their products and services are as diverse as their target audiences. But they have one thing in common - Impact Points* - which deliver real results and great value. 10% of all points are utilised for strategy, 10% for technology, and 80% for execution. Economies of scale at higher point levels allow us to share the savings with our clients. Request a sample points plan to see what we can achieve for you within your budget.



Application example

Develop 1
36 Impact Points
Plan unavailable
One key service for a startup, such as content creation or SEO management.
Develop 2
54 Impact Points
Plan unavailable
One to two key services for a startup, such as creative development and campaign management.
Develop 3
84 Impact Points
$7,400 per month
$88/Impact Point
A subset of relevant services for a small business.
Grow 1
120 Impact Points
$10,200 per month
$85/Impact Point
Full range of services for a small business at regular pace.
Grow 2
180 Impact Points
$15,000 per month
$83/Impact Point
Fast-paced service for a fast-growing small business.
Grow 3
240 Impact Points
$19,500 per month
$81/Impact Point
Selected services for a division of a medium-large business.
Flourish 1
318 Impact Points
$25,000 per month
$79/Impact Point
Revenue growth for a successful e-commerce business.
Flourish 2
450 Impact Points
$35,000 per month
$78/Impact Point
Sophisticated full-service digital marketing for a medium business.
Flourish 3
666 Impact Points
$50,000 per month
$75/Impact Point
Expand to new markets.
1000+ Impact Points
Variable cost per month
Talk to us.

*Points plans are subject to change.

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Why full service?


Digital marketing works best when strategy precedes execution.

Many businesses (especially small ones) can’t resist ‘turning tricks’ and jumping straight into execution with multiple specialists to try and get the rubber on the road.

Unfortunately, this approach often fails on two fronts.

Firstly, starting without strategy means that multiple streams of work often don’t converge to deliver a great brand experience, progress toward a defined set of business goals, and good marketing infrastructure.

Second, dealing with multiple suppliers takes time and effort in every area from briefing and agency liaison right through to managing finances.



Date us before you marry us

If you’ve been playing the field for a while, the thought of jumping into a full-blown relationship might feel a bit like scary reality TV. We understand. This is why we’d like to invite you to have a bit of a fling.

For $975, we’ll get to know you better, with a review of your digital presence and two of your competitors as well. We’ll also conduct an SEO review on your website, assess your online sales funnel, your content and your social channels, and give you a written report on our findings. There’s no strings attached. If you’re not impressed, it’s ok to lose our number.



17 years of collaboration

Remember the dot com boom? Here are some of the businesses we’ve had the pleasure of working with, going right back to the early days of internet marketing.



Here's what some of our much-loved clients had to say about us.


Here's what some of our much-loved clients have to say about us (without us having to pay them).

“We engaged Thinkun on a single project several years back, and on the strength of a great experience, we took up an Impact Points plan. Doing so has extended our marketing capacity significantly, generated a heap of learnings, and doubled our online sales. We absolutely love working with Thinkun and couldn’t be happier to recommend them as your new digital marketing agency.”

Elie Azzi
Co-Founder and Creative Director




"Thinkun has become an extension of our team at our club locations. Starting with just one club’s website almost seven years ago, they have transformed our digital presence, bringing all sites onto a common platform and implementing a structured digital marketing program across content, PPC and email. In addition, they’ve given us new ways to visualise our results, and prove the ROI. Over the years, Thinkun has been a partner in the true sense of the word."

Kim Bailey
Brand and Communications Manager




"Five years ago, Thinkun took our business from bricks and mortar to eCommerce. In geographic terms, we’ve gone from local retailer to a niche brand with loyal customers all over the world. As well as helping us to expand our business, Thinkun has been our digital marketing mentor, expanding our knowledge, and encouraging us to try new things. They’re a fantastic team to work with!"

Sharon Hanley


Sydney Digital Marketing Agency


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